Friday, January 4, 2008

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - Rhythm's Story

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

Rhythm's Story starts here

After all the treatments to reduce the size of the bump that disfigured the young Arabian horse's face, nothing worked. I knew it had been a long shot hoping to reduce the size of the bump but I had hoped we might just get lucky. Finding myself in the situation with yet another once in a lifetime type of colt in jeopardy, I just couldn't believe that we were going to lose out again.

Granted this colt was alive but only those who had seen him before the accident would ever truly understand the extent of the disfigurement. This colt had been born with one of the most beautiful and exotic heads I have ever seen on an Arabian horse. Even now he was still incredibly beautiful, just not as beautiful as he had been.

I struggled with keeping myself on track about this colt. Trying to build up a reputation as a breeder of fine Arabian show horses is not an easy task. One would think just getting beautiful horses on the ground would be enough, but it is not. For some reason the market seems to follow money and not necessaryily the quality of the horse. Breaking through the wall and achieving recognition is really tough and even tougher for someone like me.

I had counted on this colt to be that ticket for my breeding farm and for my stallion, Scandalous Legacy, and even more importantly to the memory of my beloved mare. I felt I owed it to Scandalous to prove to the world what a really great mare she was.

Then there was Solidare and how she fit into this picture. Having been my replacement for Scandalous, her foals had special meaning to me. The mare had a difficult pregnancy and birth the first time. And even though the second pregnancy had been uneventful, it was clear the damage her body suffered from her stretched ligaments and tendons would affect her ability to sustain future pregnancies. Her potential number of foals was severly altered, not to mention the length of her life. I knew her time with me would be limited. Each foal would be a gift. That made each one more precious.

The fact that Rhythm was out of this very special mare put another twist on what this colt meant to me. While he was a handful and has tried my resolve more than any horse I've ever owned, the fact that he had the potential to make this breeding farm seemed to be fitting.

Double Dare ran through his veins and the colt looked the part. All those hours of studying pedigrees and ultimate crosses suddenly standing on the ground looking straight back at me. Upon the shoulders of this red colt rested the dreams of a lifetime.

Things had really changed since the death of Image the year before. Even though I had wanted to quit breeding horses because of that loss, this foal crop had rekindled the fire that drives me. Each day watching foals play reminded me of all of those things that had started me down this road.

Rhythm was not the only beautiful horse born in that foal crop. I knew that each one of this foals were dynamic in their own right. Looking at their beautiful faces and watching their antics, gave me imspiration to dream again. With a horse like Rhythm in the forefront, I would have time to do what it took to do justice for the others as well.

Rhythm knocked people's socks off when he was born.The only thing this colt fracturing his skull had changed was the possibility of a quick high dollar sale. The colt still had a beautiful look and a charisma that drew people to him like a magnet. No one who has ever seen this horse has forgotten him.

Even back in these early times, I was savy to the market. The effect that Rhythm had on every single person who saw him couldn't be denied. I needed to be able to use that to my advantage. My business plan was altered to suit the best use of this horse. If I was lucky, I would be able to sell him sooner than later and for the kind of money as horse like him warranted.

To be continued...........
Rhythm's Story - Part 2

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  1. He is a stunning animal, I'm sorry he hurt himself. It would be extremely hard to create a stud farm. I struggle selling one horse.

  2. GREAT post! Loved it! And Rhythm most certainly IS a beautiful horse...definitely no doubt about that! :D

  3. It is always the good ones, Blue and Taxes are my two colts that have been injured and as a result not been able to show and prove themselves. I am sure we would have been able to sell both of them as yearlings if not for the injuries because they are the first horses that people look at when they come to the barn, Lori is the other (but she doesnt have the greatest head and she is my first horse that I have owned personally so she's not going anywhere).

    Hope you are doing better today, I don't know what happened yesterday, I didnt get my vote and comment on blog village for some reason but you are still No. 1 Yaaaay!!!!



  4. I have been catching up on all your latest posts. I just can't imagine how you must have felt when this colt got hurt! I think raising horses has to be one of the hardest professions with injuries and births to deal with. You have done well to stick with it and produce these beautiful animals!!! I hope your cough is better, they do tend to hang on don't they?!

  5. Very well written post!

    Rhythm is stunning, no doubt about that. His face is still beautiful.

    "For some reason the market seems to follow money and not necessaryily the quality of the horse"

    I see a lot of this near me. It seems to happen with ALL breeds.

  6. I don't know anything about Arabians but they look like beautiful animals. I've only been exposed to Quarter Horses, so that's what I know.

    Very nice pictures too.

  7. beckz, lol sometimes I struggle selling one horse too.

    equinespirit, Rhythm, it also turns out is quite a character. We will get to some of his antics as well.

    lori, I know sometimes they say it is always the good ones that stuff happens to. I'm not sure if that's true or we just notice those more. Either was it is still heartbreaking.

    midlife mom, I think anytime we get involved with our heart, the disappoints and challenges become more difficult. And the cough is gradually getting better. Thanks!

    barngoddess, it doesn't surprise me that all breeds are guilty of being impressed by money.

    tom, I hear you! LOL I only know about Arabians but I admire and appreciate beautiful horses no matter what their breed.