Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Third Foal Crop Part 8

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

The Third Foal Crop Part 1

By the time that Scandalous Hope was finally on the ground, the Arabian horse show season was in full swing. Between getting horses ready to go to shows and being out of town, I wasn't really getting much time to work with my foals at home.Usually that's OK even though I breed horses with a lot of attitude.

Scandalous Rhythm was different than the others, however. I'd never quite seen a foal like him before or since for that matter. Even as a newborn, that colt was the studdiest thing I'd ever seen. Trying to stay on top of his training with my uncooperative schedule was next to impossible.

Even the simple act of putting a halter on this foal felt like taking my life in my hands. There was no way that colt wanted to be caught or taught anything. His mother, Solidare, seemed to understand her son was a delinquent. The mare headed for the corner with food and just stayed out of my way as I tried to catch the little brat!

This was long before my work with Harvey Jacobs but I did have some John Lyons under my belt. But round pen reasoning - MiKael's style wasn't all that impressive to this red colt. He was pretty sure that he was controlling my feet more than I was his. And maybe he could have been right.

I don't know when I've ever chased a foal around the stall like I chased Rhythm. But I did finally catch him and he finally did wear that halter. In the process I'm pretty sure that he tried to bite, kick and strike at me and he must have reared at least a half dozen times, all in the confines of that twelve by twelve stall. It was not my prettiest work........but it was effective.

Rhythm learned how to get that halter on without any fuss at all. It only took about two weeks to accomplish but at least I got it done. Try as I did to get more time with him, it just didn't happen but it was clear to me this was a horse that needed to be handled and worked with every single day.

Dave and Lindsay had no problems with the colt, but then Dave and Lindsay don't have any problems with any of the horses. They never ask them to do anything they don't already know how to do. Both are great for loving on the horses, especially the foals.

Rhythm had no qualms about walking right up to either one of them. He was getting a reputation as a bit of a character almost from the day he was born. The colt loved to play with them as they cleaned out the stall. He'd pull on their clothes, push on the wheel barrow or bite at the rake, anything to get their attention so they'd play with him.

Between Dave and Lindsay and any visitors to the farm Rhythm was quickly building up a fan base. It didn't matter if the colt was outside or inside he could put on quite a show. Inside he'd walk directly up to any visitor and put his head up over the door. That horse would do anything for a scratch, anything for anyone but me that is.

To be continued................

The Third Foal Crop - Part 9

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  1. I so enjoyed your story about the foals and their antics! What different personalities they all have. I have only had two foals to raise, one I had for 17 years and the other went back to the breeder and I kept the mare. I found some pictures of one of them and I will scan them soon and post them.

    The story about Bobby and Santa Claus was soooooooo good, almost brought tears to my eyes especially when the tag said $19.95instead of $10.00! Yes, that is what Christmas is all about!

    Will try what you suggested on turning the photos. Don't know why my nephew took so many of them that way....sigh....

    You were right about where I was supposed to be looking for the pictures for the kids to color, it was on Janey's site! Duh! Some days I just don't have a clue! ha!

  2. Oh boy does Rythm sound like Taxes or what!!!! I think instead of sending him down I70 to Mike in Missouri, I am going to send himn to the other side of the country to Washington State to someone who has the know how!!!! Of course my big mistake is that I dont work with him every day and the friend who we gave him to is a bit scared of him I think so he gets nothing done with him.



  3. Beautiful mare, cute little colt. Love those ears! He just looks like a handfull!