Monday, December 3, 2007

Life's Little Bumps Coming Along Again - Flooding

I'm not sure if they decided that we've broken records for rainfall here or not. Last time I heard we were getting pretty close. But it really doesn't matter, whether a record falls or not, we have flooding on our farm.

Thankfully it's only a matter of inches, nor feet like those less fortunate. I have two stalls that are underwater and two aisle ways that are covered also. With horses over at the boarding barn, I have a couple of empty stalls. So we were able to move the horses from the flooded stalls into ones on higher ground.

With the rain still continuing on through the night in our area, we're not out of the woods yet. If the rain doesn't let up, those flooded aisle ways are going to spill over into more stalls, eight stalls to be exact. Overall the weather report says it's supposed to be letting up but that's just not what is happening here. As I'm typing the sound of the water running down the downspouts is so loud it's distracting. So we're still on flood watch.

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  1. I thought about you yesterday when I heard the news about flooding. I hope this passes quickly. I actually wondered if your horses stayed in when it rains.

  2. Ack! Dig trenches! Get sandbags!

    Seriously, we used bags of uncooked rice as makshift sandbags when our basment was flooding. That sucked. But I know that flooded stalls suck a lot too.

    Good luck and I hope it does stop raining!

  3. It's still raining at my farm as well, though being on the top side of a gently rolling hill works during times of flood. Even though the rain still falls, I can tell that it's getting 'better', the pastures of the farm down the hill from me are starting to drain off, and the creek and drainage ditches are coming back into their banks. Their two poor beasts left out have more than a 50' square of water soaked ground to stand in. Now it's a matter of how much water we get from areas higher than we. It never rains but it pours, so to speak.

  4. I'm locked in... The road in front of my house gave way. My pastures are under water. The horses are all crowded into holding pens. It let up with the rain overnight but now it's raining again. This is awful.

    I hope it's quit some down that a way and that your barn didn't flood more. Good luck!

  5. MiKael I hope you are holding up. I know the feeling of having flooded stalls and barns. It is the pits especially in the cold weather when nothing dries very quickly.

    I hope things are better today. Wea re expecting from 2 - 5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow, you just never know. Keep us posted, you are in my thoughts ((((Hugs))))