Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Third Foal Crop Part 5

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

The Third Foal Crop Part 1

In a seven day period, we had had three colts born on this Arabian horse farm with all of the usual stresses and some not so usual. Despite the fact that I was lacking in my normal enthusiasm, Dave and Lindsay had enough to make up for me. The colts were all welcomed with open arms and plenty of loving but probably not nearly enough structure for colts with attitudes like these.

Because I was working, it was easy to explain not getting out to the barn to handle these boys daily like I should have been. Dave and Lindsay thought they were taking up the slack just fine but time would tell a different story.

In the meantime we had a brief reprieve from foaling. The fourth and final foal was not due until May so I focused my attention of getting Legs ready to show and in finding names for the newest additions to our herd.

Names for me are always a big deal. They need to be "show horse" names and I like them to reflect something about the horse. In other words, I think that the names should "fit."

The first colt out of Solidare was easy to name. I looked at those four irregular leg markings and it seemed so obvious to me. After all the times I'd heard from trainers that irregular legs markings can make a horse look lame as it's traveling down the rail, Scandalous Rhythm seemed like a perfect fit to me. Not only did it speak to those four irregular markings but there was also something different about this horse to me besides the fact that he was chestnut. He marched to a different drummer. Even at day one, that was quite clear to me.

The second colt out of Bey Aana had been a difficult foal to get. With two years and a lot of weird things we had gone through even to get this mare in foal, it seemed a viable pregnancy had led us a merry chase. So Scandalous Chase it was for this beautiful bay colt with that big dose of insecurity.

Next was the third colt out of KG Phadra Rose. This one was another bay with the most beautiful bedroom eyes I have even seen. He had the most amazing way of moving. Never in my life have I seen a foal move with such animation. But with all of that I still couldn't get past that marking. Those first words I'd heard in my head upon seeing that nose influenced his name, Scandalous Chance.

Right from the start, the colts were intrigued by each other, even though the mothers wanted to keep them separated. It was easy to see the wheels were turning. The colts were scoping each other out and begging to play.

Rhythm was in charge, not only of the other colts, but the entire world around him. Just the way he stood out in the field shouted that he was king. His head always held high and proud. His eyes wide and expressive commanding attention from all who passed. If you happened to walk by and didn't acknowledge this colt, he would scold with his voice. Then charge!

Chase was confident with his mother but not so sure of the world otherwise. Lindsay was fast winning his heart, just like she had won over his mother. So as long as Lindsay or Aana were in view, Chase would act like he wanted to challenge Rhythm for rule of their little world. BUT he only did that from a distance. The truth be told, his mother or Lindsay were always in between Rhythm and Chase anytime that Chase looked Rhythm's way.

But the elegant bay colt would study the chestnut wonder and then copy his ever move. Not quite so high, nor so bold, but copy him none the less. There was no doubt in my mind that sometime down the road, Chase was going to attempt a coupe.

Last but not least was the dark bay colt with the wild white marking on his face. The horse with the amazing thoughtful eyes that could capture any one's heart. He knew what he had going for him too. Smart enough not to test Rhythm, Chance just did his own thing. He took on the world like he owned it. The interesting part was he was always intrigued by a different part of the world that Rhythm. There was no way they would ever butt heads, they weren't interested in the same things.

So it was that Rising Rainbow Arabians had it's own set of the three musketeers. Chase, Rhythm and Chance rolled off my tongue like poetry. There was something magical about them. Although over the years, I've misspoke the bookend names more times than I can count and I suppose I will forever be intermixing Chase and Chance. Those three Arabian colts and their antics were the beginnings of putting me back on a road to healing over the loss of Image.

To be continued..................

The Third Foal Crop - Part 6
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  1. I am soooo loving your stories of the foals. I can't believe though that that vet tubed that poor foal so many times for nothing! You must have been furious! I'm not all that confident with the new out of school vets, we just had one and she didn't work out and is GONE thankfully. Talk about attitude, she had one. If I don't get a chance to stop over before Christmas I want to wish you Happy Holidays! Tried to find the coloring pages and couldn't, what am I doing wrong? Love all your stuff, will be ordering some things soon!!

  2. Wonderful post...and those photos...DARLING!!

  3. Great post today MiKael, I always love hearing what is behind the names. I try to do the same with mine, sometimes the name comes easily sometimes it takes a few days at least. I wish I had been there with my camera.

    I keep thinking that I will have to come and visit with my camera in the spring when you have lots of babies again and spend a few weeks photographing your beautiful horses and babies, that would be such a treat for me. With horses you need to be patient and they will eventually give you the photos you envisage getting of them.

    I love the puddle image LOL.

    Sorry about the cough, man I wish I had an easy solution for it but if it is viral you just have to let it work its way out and with having to be outside and working so hard it doesnt help. ((((Hugs))))


  4. Anne http://www.smellshorsey.com/December 19, 2007 at 2:30 PM

    I'd come here just for the photos. It's wonderful to also hear the stories.

    Just how many horses have you had over the years? How many do you have now?

  5. Lori, I'm with you that sometimes the names come easily and sometimes they take a while. It took me over a month this year to name Andy.

    We'll have to see if that day I have lots of babies does ever come again. I hope it will but the market isn't good right now. It would be great to have you here.

    I love the puddle image too, he is so intent on studying those rings and they got bigger and bigger. Such a great horse, that one! oh my....

    the cough is hanging on and had been extreme enough that I haven't been working horses. Very frustrating.

    Anne, I'm glad you like the pictures and the stories. I haven't owned as many hroses as it might sound. Maybe about forty. My current herd numbers 27. Isn't that a scary thought!

  6. wow, how exciting. Thanks for the update and the wonderful photos. You did a great job with the names! Val

  7. great post :)

    The photos are great! foals are so special.