Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Arabian Horse Assn Convention in Tulsa

This week, the annual Arabian Horse Association Convention took place in Tulsa, OK. While I was appointed as a delegate by my club, the Daffodil Arabian Horse Assn. I was unable to attend. Between a mix-up with rooms and the delegates I was supposed to be rooming with cancelling their trips, I found myself unable to afford to go to this event. And probably with the happenings of the last week, I wouldn't have been able to go anyway. However, I am still deeply disappointed that I was unable to met my commitment to my club.

I logged onto the AHA website looking for news of the convention to find a video message from Myron Krause, our president.

It turn out not to be the type of file I could paste here, so instead I have included the link. Even though you might not be interested in Myron's address, there is a history of the Arabian horse on the video that is very informative and gives a nice glimpse of the industry today.

I know a lot of people think that convention is a party. But to me that is not the case. I've always gotten along with the Arabian horse much better than people so I was going strictly for the horse. While I planned to attend all of the social events, it was to speak with influential people who I normally don't have access to.

Our industry has been in trouble over the past years, operating at huge financial losses along with declining numbers in membership and registrations. I'm one of those people who believe if you're not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. I love this horse so much there is no way I can sit idly by and be part of the problem.

That is why I have become involved with my club, horse show management, and even blogging here about the Arabian horse. I want to do everything within my power to help people understand and appreciate the Arabian horse. I also want to help in the process of identifying what our problems are and help to find solutions.

There were several things on the agenda for convention where I wanted my voice to be heard. I talk to a lot of owners and breeders and I wanted to help be their voices as well. From attempts to revoke the new scoring system for the halter classes to addressing the problems of breed growth, I have a lot to say.

While the voting will be done and gone by the time this post is made, I still will follow the events, find out details of the discussions and find a way to make my voice be heard. Just because convention will be soon over doesn't mean that all the problems have been solved or even identified as yet.

I plan to email Myron, Cynthia Richardson and some others as well with my concerns about breed growth and other issues that affect the way the Arabian horse is seen. I strongly believe that my dream of breeding Arabian horses will be influenced by my participation and that keeps me motivated even though politics are tough.

I don't ever want to have to give up breeding these magnificent animals. I feel blessed to have them as part of my life and I don't ever want to see a spring where a fresh new face does not join our herd.

There was one other not so little thing about Tulsa that I was really looking forward to. That was meeting with barngoddess from Ramblings from the Reservation. This was to have been my first in person meeting with one of my new horse blogger friends. While I am really disappointed our meeting has just been postponed until Nationals, not cancelled all together.

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OK, the horses in the pictures from the top down are Scandalous Surprise and Scandalous Trouble, my twin foals in the first picture. The second one is Scandalous Persuasion (Suede) the colt that went through the fence at my open house. The third one is Scandalous Reflection the stallion who has been dubbed Khemosabi Incarnate. The fourth one is Scandalous Dare, Solidare's first foal. The fifth one is Nugget, Legs' first half-Arabian foal. He was born this year and belong to my firend, notablogger, whose alias is Bev.


  1. I am sorry you missed the convention but I know you will find a way to put your ideas and messages across and they will benefit everyone involved in the breed.

    I am so pleased to see the twins!!!! They look wonderful, remind me of Taxes and his mischief LOL.

    I also like that you are identifying who is in the pictures, my memory isnt that good when it comes to names and if you keep doing that they will eventually become ingrained in my brain and I will recognise each one. Bearing in mind that I have 20 to keep track of who is who here too LOL.

    ((((Hugs)))) hope you are feeling a bit better today, anxious to hear the outcome of the doctor's visit if you went.


  2. Meant to add, great to see your ranking going up and up, hope more people go and click and click on your blog link too.

    Also love the little colt in the last pictures, look at those pasterns, gonna be a very athletic individual with those looooong legs.


  3. I like your photos today. I like the youngsters having a good time.

  4. Mik, I have to tell you something. I'm terrified of horses. But these pictures are making me rethink the whole thing! They're gorgeous, these animals. Thanks for the desensitization.