Saturday, October 20, 2007

When I Become a Famous...........

...I received an equestrian related tag from equinespirit at grazing in the meadow of creativity!! Here is the link for her demands. What fun!! So here's the deal, I'm supposed to make up a list of "demands" for when I'm a famous rider...

So this is hard because I don't really care if I become a famous rider BUT I do want to be well known as a breeder of outstanding Arabian horses. I'm going to write this list of demands as if I've reached this goal and have become a famous breeder.

I must have at least one hundred acres of prime farm land on the west side of the Cascade mountains and about a thousand on the east side with a complete crew to run both facilities.
I must have both farms fenced with that beautiful white vinyl fencing, lined on the inside with 2 x 4 horse wire with the smaller property appropriately cross fenced.
I must have a climate controlled huge arena, covered round pen, separate hay storage and other suitable outbuilding, 2 outdoor arenas, 50 stall barn with 4 wash racks, breeding room, collection lab, viewing room, office, apartments for grooms and barn help and presentation ring (oh ya, a house would be nice!). (borrowed from equinespirit but modified)
The roof and walls of previous mentioned buildings must be insulated and shingled so as to eliminate the feeling of being in a tin can when it rains, sleets, or snows. (also borrowed from equinesprit)
I must have at least four more broodmares, preferably sisters of mares I have already.
I must have a top notch breeding stallion to cross on my Leg's daughters.
Legs would his own paddock with visiting access for his mares.
Reflection and the new stallion would also require their own paddocks.
All of my tack, show clothing, anything else for all the disciplines that Arabian horses are shown in. (Right now I have for hunter and western only. so I need to add dressage, show hack, saddle seat, reining and working saddles )
A five horse slant load aluminum trailer, brand yet to be determined. and of course, a matching duel diesel truck with a 100 gallon auxiliary tank.
For big horse shows I would require my own air ride, climate controlled horse van complete with farm logos and a professional driver.
And I absolutely must have my very own private box at the US Nationals each and every year with tickets for the final big nights! I can't believe I'm missing the Nationals right now!!

Obviously this is more like my wish list!! If I ever won a big enough lottery, you can see what I'd be shopping for.

With this blog tag I choose...Julia from Mood Swings in Med School I know she has horse dreams in her future. And Halt Near X also has horse dreams. Then there's Molly from Hola' Mole and desperate housewife from Mustang Diaries cause I'm pretty sure she's thinking about that extreme mustang makeover. And I must not forget Keri from The Equus Ink

OK now I'm done with the tags and I'll get back to my stories. Next up Rachel and Grandma and Arabian Horses at Pacific Rim


  1. Oh that's a good list lol. I could add a few things, but then I get into the little nitty bitty details too lol....

  2. What will you do with the Eastern WA property? Grow your own hay? If so, I want to be one of your customers. I KNOW you'll grow good hay!

  3. Well, one can be certain that if there is desperation, there is a list of demands to goes along with...

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  5. That is a pretty swanky list. I am sure I could come up with a list of desires should I become famous at something. Luckily for me I don't do meme's except I guess Thursday Thirteen. There is a big horse set up not far from us with riding stables and barns that was for sale for 1.7 million not so long ago, however, there were no mountains in site.