Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Maiden Season Part 9

Part 1 of the Baby Boomer Series

Part 1 of the Maiden Season

As fate would have it, even though the Dare Malik daughter did stay in heat for a few days and I refused to rebreed, the Arabian mare had settled a pregnancy. Heiress, too, had settled a single pregnancy. The young Arabian stallion was three for three with only one cover each on his very first breeding season. To this day I can't get over his fertility.

Now all there was to do was to wait for the foals. I was excited about the possibilities but at the same time I was worried about the grey mare, Solidare. Even though she seemed to be improving all the time, I just couldn't get over the feeling that I never should have bred her until she had recuperated from the neglect and the injury. Only time would tell how this one would turn out.

In the meantime, I had a couple of things to take care of. The first was having surgery to repair the damage done to my nose. Legs had hit me hard enough that one nasal passage was completely blocked. I was having a difficult time breathing. Breathing through my mouth all the time was not an option in my book as much as I was dreading having surgery.

The second thing was preparing the young Arabian stallion to show. He was nominated to the Region 5 Amateur Owner Halter Futurity and this was his year to show. While these futurities were sponsored by Region 5, the classes were not held at the Region 5 Championships which was odd. Instead the futurity rules were changed for the show venue to be a different Region 5 member show each year. This year the classes were to be at the Apple Valley Classic held in Yakima on Labor Day weekend. I began conditioning Legs for halter.

I'm really a big wuss about the doctor. I hate going. I hate taking up my valuable time sitting in the waiting room or the exam room waiting for a doctor. I hate having to have "procedures" like PAP smears even more. BUT surgeries, surgeries are just downright off the charts on my list of hates. Dave darn near had to drag me kicking and screaming to get my surgery done.

But everything went ok, despite my fear. I was back on my way home in about four hours. And I was on some serious drugs. Normally, I don't take drugs either, I just tough it out. But once I found out my head felt like it was going to explode, I broke down and sent Dave off to fill my prescription for pain meds. When he returned I couldn't take the darn drugs fast enough

The next day Dave took me back to the doctor to have the packing removed. I don't know if any of you know about the packing involved in a rhinoplasty, but to this day I still wonder where all that stuff came from. The sight of that slippery. slimy mass coming out of my nose caused my head to spin and I nearly hit the floor. I scared the doctor and the nurses, not to mention Dave.

I think it was the third day after yet another doctor's appointment, that I decided to help Dave put out some horses. I was still on those serious drugs. They obviously were affecting my thinking. Dave didn't bother to think that it might not be a smart thing for me to handle horses so medicated.

As it turned out, the handling part wasn't the problem. Legs went out in the front pasture just fine. The young Arabian horse acted like a perfect gentleman. He and his brother, Aidol, were having a rip snorting good time flying around the field and running circles around the pond.

There's nothing I love more than watching Arabian horses doing their thing. Running with their tails curled over their backs snorting and blowing, there is nothing more beautiful Only from my vantage point I was missing most of the show, so I decided to walk up closer where I could see this gorgeous sight.

I walked up around the side of the new hay barn we'd just built to get a better view. Legs was running straight at me with his brother in hot pursuit. Due to the drugs and my slow reaction time, it didn't dawn on me until it was too late. Legs didn't see me and the horse was galloping straight at me.

To be continued..........

Part 10


  1. Visions of a major 'train wreck' are running through my head... I'm hoping that Little Mr. Legs either has good brakes or awesome agility.. Maybe both?

    Can't wait to find out.

  2. And I thought Ruby was accident-prone. She managed to fall off the front ramp of the trailer last week cos her feet are too far away from her brain! Youngsters seem a whole lot worse!

  3. *GASP* Hope this story turns out...well...better then what my imagination is giving me for a mental picture! *covers eyes*

  4. lady of chaos, train wreck it is!

    ro, I'm not sure who was more accident prone here, me or the young horse. But you are right, more stuff does happen with young horses.

    equinespirit, covering your eyes is good, just like I covered mine...

  5. Hey there MiKael,

    Never a dull moment is there :)

    By the way, who is the horse pictured in this post? Is that Aidol or Louie?


  6. LOL, Mary, I have caught you! Because you've been to my farm you "think" you know who this horse is, but you aren't even close.

    This picture was taken at this year's open house, so couldn't be Aidol because he's with you. With Louie being a youngster still, coming that close to the crowd and the camera while being pushed around the ring, he's not this brave.......yet anyway.

    Nope, horse with the confidence to pull this off is Legs. He was really full of himself that day and put on a tremendous show.

    I really like this shot and have been thinking about putting it on a T-shirt in my Zazzle collection. What do you think?

    And you are right about there never being a dull moment. Although I have to admit this first year of breeding was a real zoo.

  7. I definitely think that you should add this photo to the Zazzle collection. He is absolutely stunning. I guess I've never really seen a straight on face shot of him before. He is such a handsome boy and look at that attitude on that boy - he sure does love the camera and the camera sure does love him...