Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awarded, Tagged and no place to run.....................Arabian Horses or not.

To start off with I have been awarded the
by PJ's Corner I keep forgetting to post this award and I've actually been awarded it twice! So thank you everyone over at PJ's I appreciate your support. I'm not sure but I think I'm supposed to pass this award onto another blogger who is part of the Blog Village family. for that I would pick
Mustang's n Cowboys Janee Loree blogs about her two cowboy sons and their adventures. Janee has been working on establishing an equine blog web ring if you're interested in participating go on over to her blog. You can sign up there.

Ok, as if being awarded isn't enough I was also tagged by equinesprit clear back on Sept 6. I didn't take care of the tag then because I was in the midst of the Baby Boomer series Down a Rocky Road and figured I'd have a mutiny if I stopped before I got to a "good" stopping place. Well, I think I'm finally at that good place and before I get off and running again on another series, thought I'd better tie up these loose ends.

Total number of books I own - thousands and thousands!! Why you ask do I own thousands of books? I love children's books. I was supporting my herd as bookseller on ebay for a while but ebay has gotten saturated with books so that's no longer profitable. I need to get my inventory onto the computer so I can sell on before I run out of hay money. Actually I should be building my book inventory instead of blogging, but, well...........

Last book I bought - And Miles to Go The Biography of a Great Arabian Horse, WitezII by Linell Smith

Last book I read - Now and Forever Khemosabi++++//

Book you intend to read next - would probably be the genetics book, Equine Genetics & Selection Procedures. I'm always reading that thing. I seem to only be able to digest a little bit at a time, so I pick it up often trying to get the hang of this gene stuff. I have the basics down on color for Arabian horses but don't have all of the variations with dilutes etc in the other breeds. I do understand Sabino, Tobiano and Overo pretty well. But modifying on the third loci etc..........believe me, I'm nowhere near ready to build a model of any horse gene. lol

Five books that mean a lot to me - Hmmm...this one is a tough one for me too Sabrina, ...ummmm...

OK, I would have to say the Khemosabi book because he's so strongly influenced my decision making in my breeding program. I want to know everything I can about this great horse. AND then there's the fact that I have this young horse that looks and acts enough like Khemosabi he has been dubed Khemosabi Incarnate by many who have seen him. He was conceived right after the great horse died and his birthday is about 4 hours before the birthday of the great Khemosabi. If that doesn't give you chills nothing will. I don't know if I believe in reincarnation but this thing with Reflection sure makes me wonder! So I'm always searching for more info on Khemosabi.

Then the Witez II book is such an inspiring book. I can't believe Robert Redford hasn't made it into a movie. This is truly a compelling read about this great horse survived WWII and was liberated by General Paton's forces. This great horse barely escaped being eaten by the Russians. I think anyone who loves horses can't help but appreciate this horse and story.

Surprise, surprise, the next one is not a horse book. When Rabbit Howls by The Troops for Truddi Chase. This book was written by a woman with multiple personality disorder (currently renamed dissociative identity disorder). This book was on the New York Times Bestseller list and is a compelling read. This book helped open people's eyes to the true cost of child sexual abuse and I think it helped educate people to the fact that not all people with MPD are crazy like Sybil and Eve

I will always love Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. It is an amazing story. It certainly was ahead of its time in exposing the plight of the horse. I think even to this day it opens people's eyes to horse abuse and has been a contributing factor in people seeking more humane ways of handling horses.

The last one is titled Sacrificial Lamb by MiKael J Smith (that would be me!) . It's not been published yet but I sure hope it's going to be some day. The outline is done and so are a few chapters, still searching for an editor. If I can ever get this one published, then I'll get down to the serious business of writing horse books. lol

Now when it comes to this tagging thing, equinespirit tagged everybody and that's just NOT fair!! BUT if she can tag everyone, then I can say, "You're tagged if you want to be." So if you like this Meme and would like to give it a try, go for it...............and let me know so I can put your links up here.


  1. Good luck with getting your book published! It would be very cool if you could start writing horse novels too, like you said :-)

  2. Hi Mikael,

    I'd love to read your book when it's published. Have you considered the Print on Demand model -- I know some bloggers who've been quite successful with this. And I understand that the author generally makes out better. You have such an excellent blog and lots of readers. Seems like you've got a good foundation to begin promoting books on your own. This guy has a useful self-publishing website with lots of good and free info -- Here's a very interesting article by a gnostic priest whose blog I read and whose been successful with the self-publishing model. Article Entitled Publish or Perish vs. Publish and Perish. This is what actually got me thinking about starting my own small press and publishing my book( dare I say books)using the Print on Demand model. also has started a print on demand component of their business.

    You can sell your books on and the other book websites.

    You may know more about this than I do. But, thought I'd throw this out there.


  3. One more thing ...

    Just checked out I am in heaven! I have hundreds of books, not thousands, but they are my passion. Now maybe I can afford some more! Thanks for what looks like an excellent source for used books!

    Pax. Kimberly

  4. LOVED your answers to the tag. That Khemosabi portion DID give me the chills. Way cool thought though! ((HUGS!!)) and good luck getting your book published! I truly hope you do and be sure to let us know! I want a copy! :D

  5. "And Miles to Go" is one of my all-time favorite horse books! I got it from the library and read it as a teenager. I'd like to find and buy a copy for my own bookshelf. It would make a great adventure movie! I also loved "Drinkers of the Wind" by Carl Raswan. Great true story! I recently bought "Wind Drinker," stories about Jefferson Spivey's cross-continent rides on Arabian horses.

  6. Interesting post. I love books too and used to keep them. Then about twenty years ago I began giving them away. And I still do that. I buy new books and when I read them, I keep them until I get a stack and then I like to give them to people who like to read. That way the work is spread around to those who might otherwise not get to read them.

  7. Hi MiKael!

    First of all thanks for the award for MnC! I will add it a.s.a.p. I have finished the webring and set up the particulars of joining over at BLOG VILLAGE Equine Webring Homepage.

    Second, I am hosting a blog carnival on my children's book blog Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree. I would to see an entry from you!

    Oh and thirdly, I changed the link to PJ's Corner to

    Thanks again!!!

  8. l, yes, I think it would be fun to get to write horse books.

    i gallop on, thanks for the information, I will check it all out. At one time I thought I had a publisher lined up and then Lindsay got sick and it all went by the wayside.

    and you're right, abebooks is like heaven for anyone who loves books. It's a great resource for out of print and hard to find titles.

    equinespirit, you can bet if I get it published I'll be letting everyone know.

    dj, I have the Carl Raswan book as well. I haven't heard of the other one though, will have to look it up. thanks for telling me about it.

    abraham, that is great that you share the gift of reading with those less fortunate.

    janey loree, I thought I signed up for the equine webring before. Do I need to sign up again?