Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Search Part 5

Part 1 of The Search

After coming home from Kings Gate Farm, I decided I really wanted to go back and look at the first mares. We couldn't get a hold of the breeder. Since we knew how to get to the rented pasture the mares were turned out on, we decided to just drop to visit the mares.

Dave and Lindsay both went along . We again took the video camera because it turned out the first recording the camera (or maybe operator) had malfunctioned. I really wanted video of a couple of these mares.

I remember that the mares did not come up as easily for us as they had for their owner. We had to go trudging through the brush and blackberries to even locate where the herd was. But once we found the Arabian horses, they were happy to have some attention.

Not all of the horses were together in this group. I had no idea how many were missing for sure but I did know the two gray mares I had been interested in were missing.So we went off again trying to find the remainder of the herd.

When we did locate the mares they were together. They looked up at the sound of our voices and then began moving towards us. I remember thinking the mares seemed to be happy to see us. Finally we were close enough to touch them. I began scratching the Dare Malik daughter on her whithers.

The rest of the herd had followed us in our quest to locate the stragglers. The other horses began to mill around wanting in on the attention. Suddenly the Dare mare flattened her ears charging the entire herd. The Arabian horse didn't stop her assault until she had driven ALL of the horses off a considerable distance even her buddy, the gray filly. Then she nonchalantly turned and sauntered back over to me for more scratches. It was pretty clear to all of us, this mare that wasn't for sale had picked me to be her new best friend!

To be continued.............

Part 6

The artist is Shary B Akers and the name of the work is Azure Fantasy Prints ae available through the Artist.


  1. Okay the installment thing....

    LOL, You know we love your stories. I bet it was one of the greatest sights ever to see, all those gorgeous mares out there running and begging for attention...

  2. lady of chaos, nope, I'm done with that visit so that's not where I'm going. You'll just have to guess where I'm headed next because I'm not giving any hints!

  3. Heya! Nice to meet ya Mikael! Thankyou for stopping by my blog! (I'll certainly be making regular visits to your from now on!) Dont 4get to check out my fiction too -

    :) Keep in touch

  4. GREAT entry! Can't wait to read what happens next.

  5. I'm just wondering if you will end up with that little wild grey filly. You've already decided these are quality horses, so I'm convinced this starts your grey/Dare bloodline.

  6. The artist is Shary B. Akers.

    She does wonderful work.

  7. Hi, anjel, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have seen your fiction.

    equinespirit, it's actually been fun going over these old memories and I know how it all ends. lol

    molly, the decision about the wild filly is coming soon. Her pedigree is the one with the Gamaar horses.

    dressagemom, thanks for the info on the artist. I have a number of her prints but my eyes are not great and I can't read her signature.