Friday, August 10, 2007

More on Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse Part 5

The Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse series begins with the original post. Yesterday's post is the beginning of current happenings in the series is More on Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse

By the time Rachel finally arrived at the barn, I had completed my ride. This was to have been the day that Rachel got to ride in the bridle but that wasn't going to happen. There really wasn't enough horse left for Rachel to ride in the snaffle and then again in the bridle. Dandy had had enough.

I did plan on her riding a little in the snaffle because I wanted Rachel to feel the stiffness caused by the horse getting cold. A little more jogging wasn't going to hurt Dandy any but would be a good lesson for Rachel. I was hoping she would learn how important it is for an older horse who is expected to be ridden as collected as Dandy to be kept warm. Fluctuating temperatures in the summer time mean changing requirements for the horse.

So I changed the horse's bridle back into the snaffle bit and put Rachel onto him. I told her she could go to the corner for a while and then we'd cool him out. Then I went to put the western bridle away.

By the time I got out of the tack room, Rachel had already left the corner. Instead of taking the opportunity to ride what she could, she was probably pouting because things weren't going her way. She was working on dropping the horse's head and cooling him out. So I just let her go.

As far as Rachel knew I had an appointment and there was not time for her to ride in the bridle like we had previously planned. However, I had cancelled the appointment earlier that morning. but felt that not getting to ride in the bridle was appropriate for over sleeping and then not being responsible for her behavior.

I'm not the type of person who expects people to never make mistakes. On the contrary, I know that mistakes are part of human nature, they are a given. I can and do deal with them just fine.

I don't, however, have much, if any, tolerance for lying or manipulating. Growing up I had enough of that crap to last me a lifetime and a half, maybe more. Once I learned how destructive that kind of behavior could be, I left it behind me and I'd really like it to stay there. So about the worst thing that Rachel can do to me, is to try and pull that stuff on me like trying to make me responsible for her not being at the barn.

To say I was offended would be a gross understatement. By the time I left the barn that day Rachel had told me several lies AND had tried to make me responsible for her tardiness. Now it was time for Grandma to figure out how she was going to deal with the latest issues confronting Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian horse.

To be continued.............

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  1. Oh my...((HUGS!!)) and I hope your granddaughter learns a valuable lesson from all this. I would LOVE to have a grandma such as you...she doesn't know how truly lucky she is. Hope things start turning around soon!!

  2. Do you think she doesn't want to spend time working with the horses, or what? have you asked her if she doesn't want to work with the horses anymore? or why she isn't?

    anyway, if you want to check out a picture of Pandy in the house, check out my blog. She's quite the cute goat :)

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