Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More on Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse Part 3

The Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse series begins with the original post. Yesterday's post is the beginning of current happenings in the series is More on Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse

I have to say that my motivation to take Rachel and the Arabian horse to the Daffodil Arabian Summer Show was influenced by a conversation that I had with the trainer, Crystal, on my first day back to the barn.

Crystal was concerned that Rachel was loosing interest in the horses and beginning to run with a rough crowd. Crystal believed that Rachel had lost focus on her goal when the Arabian horse got injured and the journey to the Youth US Nationals was cancelled.

Grandma had not thought about the fact that the kid might not see the bigger picture. I had just assumed that she understood that the horses she was working with in the meantime were a way for her to continue to learn so that she could eventually reach her goals.

But Rachel had not seen it that way on her own and no one had really explained it to her in a way that she understood. With her friends pressuring her about how much time she was spending at the barn, it was easy for her to fall into line and follow the kids, an idea none of us adults wanted to see happen.

Rachel, unfortunately, lives in a rough school district. There is a high level of gang activity and lots of kids that are out of control. Some of Rachel's friends from grade school have fallen in with the problematic groups. Crystal believes that we are on the verge of loosing Rachel if we cannot get her focus back quickly.

Crystal mentioned while sharing this information with me that Rachel has on numerous occasions that she really wants to show Scandalous Hope in halter. On group lesson days Rachel has been doing the halter and showmanship portion of the lessons with Hope and Crystal believes she is doing a great job.

It doesn't take much to get me to see the bigger picture here. I don't really care which horse it is that keeps Rachel interested as long as one or even many do. It is important to me that Rachel not turn into an acting out teenager so for me the plan was simple.

I called Rachel aside and told her that she could take Hope to the Summer Show along with Dandy as long as she saw to it that Hope had her feet trimmed. That was supposed to happen before my open house but Colleen and Rachel dropped the ball. There was no way I was going to allow Hope to go to a show with her long chipped hooves.

At first Rachel was sure she was not ready to go and show halter. I assured her that Crystal believed that she was and I already had her mother's support. So the deal was made. Rachel would get Hope's feet done before the show so she could show in halter. Since the mare would be at the show, she might just as well show her in showmanship and in the most classic head class.

Stay tuned..........this story is far from over!

Part 4

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  1. Oh oh she is gorgeous!!! Soo beautiful! Hope the showing goes well!

  2. Oh my...sitting on the edge of my seat again!!

  3. Uhg...tough kids in a tough school. Good thing she's got Grandma to give her a window of opportunity! That's one of the big downfalls of having a pasture full of two year olds here; Darling just doesn't have the opportunity to do much more than 15-20 minutes of ground work, and when you're 13 that gets old fast.

    When's the show? And is it nearby?

  4. Behind on my commenting... Hope is so incredibly beautiful - wow. :-D Lucky Rachel!