Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses Part 20

For one horse show that was near our home, I managed to talk the docs into letting Lindsay attend. I had a friend who volunteered to drive all the way up to Children's Hospital (about 70 miles ones way) to pick Lindsay up and bring her back to the horse show in time for my class.

I cannot describe the feeling I felt as I rode my Arabian gelding into the class and down the rail into the sight of my frail, bald headed daughter slumped over in her wheel chair grinning from ear to ear. As heartbreaking as it was to see Lindsay in that condition in a place that seemed to make it look a zillion times worse, it was exhilarating to see her determination.

I don't remember what I did in that class. It wasn't really all that important. But forever the picture of Lindsay sitting there in her wheel chair is etched into my memory.

Lindsay left the horse show right after my class to return to the hospital. She was totally exhausted by the trip but she was so proud! Getting herself to the horse show had taken all of the strength she had but she had made it. AND Mark had whinnied at her softly as we rode by.

To be continued.......

Part 21

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  1. sweet! Glad she could make it to that show!!