Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse - Update

Part 1 of Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse

It's been a while since I did a post about Rachel and me, Grandma. Not that there hasn't been anything happening there, just that life has thrown too much other stuff in the mix.

We left off with Rachel scheduled to have her first lesson on my stallion, Scandalous Legacy. The horse had not been ridden most of the winter so I'd planned on getting on him a few times before it got to be Rachel's lesson.

The weather didn't co-operate and life threw in it's usual couple of curves. By the time the day arrived for Rachel's lesson I hadn't ridden the horse at all. Not only that but I screwed up on what time her lesson was and arrived an hour early than I should have.

When we got there, one of Leg's daughters saw him and called out immediately, so my normally quiet stallion was talking. He talks at home where we do breeding but rarely talks away from home. He must have figured if mares from home were there it was ok to talk. Convincing him otherwise took a bit.

I ended up lunging the horse for a few laps (I'm not big on lunging) just to take him mood temperature and then put him back into the trailer to stand until it was time for me to warm him up. Then Lindsay and I went into the barn to visit our two mares that were there.

Scandalous Hope is a 6 year old mare by Scandalous Legacy. She is one of Rachel's favorites so I took her over to take Dandy's place at their barn. When I walked into the stall, the mare turned and headed for the paddock. I clucked to her and she still kept right on walking.

I wasn't real happy at the response I was getting. Not since she was a baby had this mare turned her back on me and refused to be caught. I knew immediately, she hadn't been worked the whole time she was there and I wasn't too pleased with Rachel. It was probably a good thing that she didn't arrive early for her lesson. I would probably have chewed her out a good one.

When Rachel and her mom did arrive there was only enough time to get Legs out of the trailer and warm him up until her lesson was scheduled to start. I figured I would deal with the situation with Hope after the lesson and I went out to get my horse.

II didn't hear him making any fuss in the trailer for the hour he stood there. But when I went back to get him, the horse had his right front leg stuck up in the manager. Luckily it was one of those fabric type managers that snaps into place in a slant load trailer. Even so it still wasn't all that easy to get the horse free.

I had to climb up in front of the stallion (good thing he's a good boy!) and lift up on his leg to get enough pressure off the manager that I could unsnap the fasteners to free him. Forntunately he didn't cut himself or pull anything or we'd have been on to plan B for Rachel. With as mad as I was at Rachel for allowing Hope to stand in that stall for nearly two week, there may not have been a plan B.

Getting the horse out of the trailer, we headed into the arena to warm up. He tried one more time to talk and then gave me that look that says, "OK, mom!" followed by a big sigh. He was good when I got on him but our first lap of the arena, the stallions stalled at the far end of the arena were just too much temptation. The horse let out a shriek! With me on his back, the horse got another big time scolding. It finally sunk in and that was it for him talking with me.

I warmed him up. The horse was much better than I had expected with all that time off. His jog was a bit faster than I like but with his lack of condition it was much better than I'd expected. His lope was even better. I didn't ride him much because I wanted Rachel to have plenty of horse left for her lesson. So then it was Rachel's turn.

To be continued............

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  1. Uh oh, sounds like Rachel is about to get a pretty serious life lesson...

  2. I admire you and Lori for your devotion to these animals. They need you guys too.

    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. Just a quickie as it is late I still have to post to my blog and it is going to be a long day tomorrow, which I will explain in the blog shortly.

    I also watched the movie about Ruffian and cried my eyes out, it was so sad!!! I just wish people understood more about how these animals have characters, thoughts and feelings just like every other living creature.

    Hope Rachel didnt get into too much trouble, but she needs to understand the responsibilty she has been given.

    Talk soon and hope all is well with you and all of your "family"



  4. yes, arthist99, you're right. A serious life lesson is headed Rachel's way.

    Thanks,abraham lincoln, I appreciate your comments on my blog. I think Lori and I need these guys as much as they need us.

    And Lori I'm with you about people needing to understand that horses have thoughts and feelings too. Between you and me and other horse blogs, hopefully, we'll introduce them to a side of horses they never saw before.

    Rachel's "trouble" I think was suitable for her "crime." The goal is for her to grow up to be a responsible member of the horse community and I think we're on the right track.