Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The High Cost of Saving Twin Arabian Foals

The beginning of the twins saga begins hereReflections on Foaling Season 2006

It's ironic that I have been writing this week about my twin Arabian horses that were born in 2006 and there was a set of twin colts born in Holland last evening. While the mare was on a live Mare Stare web cam, I was oblivious to the mare foaling.

The way I found out was through an e-mail from a Mare Starer who felt I should be part of the event. I really appreciated her consideration because, like everyone else, I do find myself drawn to stories about twins. However, I'm pretty sure my reaction is not like everyone else's. While I want to know and help out if I'm needed, I'm consumed with a heavy feeling of dread. I would imagine that's because I know first hand how bad it can be.

So last night after I got the email, I went looking for the thread and the webcam for these miracle twins. On the thread I found there had been problems with the foaling and the cam had been shut down for a while. When it came back online, the world was presented with twin bay colts.

There were few details about the birth or the condition of the twins. The webcam took a special user name and password to access so I set about trying to get someone to PM me that information so I could see for myself. As it turned out the owner had bandwidth issues and even with the password I was unable to access the cam last night. I did get to see some pictures of the new foals that were posted on the thread.

I went to bed pretty upset. When my head hit the pillow I burst into tears (I might add here, I'm not normally a crier!) and a flood of emotions overtook me. I laid there for a long time contemplating the source of my agitation.

This morning I was able to get the cam up and take a look at the new foals. They appeared to be large and in pretty good shape. It was obvious to me from the shape of their heads that they are not totally mature foals but from what I could see their legs looked pretty good and they seemed none the worse for wear from their birth. A thorough check by the vet confirmed they are healthy foals. I am happy for them and their owner.

Most people hear twin horses and they think it's cool. There is some kind of romantic notion about what it must be like to raise twins. Granted the twin foals that usually survive are ok at birth. Once you get past the usual post foaling tasks of nursing, pooping, peeing and taking care of the umbilicus, they can be just like raising a singleton.

It is the twins that have a difficult birth or that are born with the issues of premature foals that usually do not make it. Those are the heart breakers. Those are what my foals were.

To be continued...........

High Cost Part 2


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  2. It's all pretty amazing and overwhelming. The costs and health concerns over a normal foal, much less two preemies with obvious health issues. Kudos to you for mustering forward with those two. It sounds like they're improving with all the time and proper care given to them in the year since their birth. Happy Birthday to Trouble and Suprise !

  3. I am LOVING your blog! Absolutely awesome! Congrats on your twin babies and happy belated birthday to them!!