Monday, June 4, 2007

First Adventure Outside for the Arabian Mare and her new Foal Part 2

Part 1

So yesterday was the big day. We got started earlier in the day and the clouds were rolling in, keeping the temperatures down. Aana was delighted to be getting outside and for once wasn't all that concerned about her newborn. The first thing she did was head for a dirt spot and get in a good roll almost kicking the poor colt who stood watching her with a bewildered look.

Once the roll was over the mare got up and the colt took off. Aana didn't seem to be that concerned that he went from bewildered to racing in a single bound. The mare did follow him around everywhere, running off anything that looked like it might come his way, including a couple of startled cats. But she wasn't stressed about him being out of the stall or trying out his mile long legs. The colt flew around that field with Aana happily flying next to him looking pretty proud of herself.

Heiress and her colt, Andy, were out in this field as well. Andy at 2 1/2 months looks like a moose next to Aana's newborn but it was obvious from the start that Andy couldn't wait to check out the new addition to his field. Aana has instilled enough respect into Andy to make the colt hold back at the slightest glance in his direction but you could see his little wheels a turnin' as he watched Aana and her colt flying around the perimeter of the round pen that sits in center of the field.

The newborn colt pulled out all the stops in his horsey bag of tricks, flying lead changes, sliding stops and rollbacks and yet none seemed to fluster his mother. Having had 4 colts before this one Aana was well equipped to deal with the antics of her newborn boys. The mare seemed to beam as the colt played finding new ways to use his legs.

I thought when he nailed the sliding stop and almost ended up sitting on his tush that would slow the colt down a bit. But unfazed, he flipped around a pretty impressive rollback for a first attempt and headed off at ninety miles an hour (more or less) the other direction testing out his racing skills. All the while, Andy just stood and watched intently probably wondering when he was going to get to play with this whirlwind.

Finally, the colt pulled up, looked around the field and headed for a spot to crash. A nice little nap was might be in order but when he actually got to the designated spot the colt decided to graze instead.

It wasn't long before the two pairs were working their way around the field. Each mare keeping her colt a safe distance apart but still close enough the two pairs were "together" in herd terms. It wouldn't be long before the mares allow their two boys to play together.

Within a couple of hours it had gotten warm enough that Aana wanted back into the barn. She stood with her colt over by her stall door calling to us to let them in. As soon as they got into the stall, the newborn colt crashed into a heap next to the mare's hay. Soon the colt was off in dreamland and his little legs were twitching and squirming along with the adventures in his head.

Watch Bey Aana and her colt on our Mare Stare Webcam Bey Aana. If this link doesn't work for you, try going to the Mare Stare live cams page and then click on the Rising Rainbow Arabians link. I know from the chatroom that sometimes that will work when a direct link like this doesn't.

You can see some of her previous foals on our website, Rising Rainbow Arabians .


  1. MiKael you have such a great way of writing, I love baby horses when they are learning how their bodies function as you know from my recent addition. I just wish I had a playmate for Taxes, he desperately needs a buddy. When our other mare comes from Iowa her filly will be able to buddy up with him. I normally wean at three months or as soon after as they are ready but might leave this one with momma until the Iowa mare comes back and then wean them together. He will be about 5 to 5 and a half months old by that time.

    I was ready to send the brat to Mike yesterday after his little outburst LOL. Tie a roadmap to his neck and send him on down I70.

    Glad all is going well, we can be stiff together, I have to ride at least two tomorrow and after riding Cayenne the day before yesterday I am as stiff as heck. I must make the most of these few cooler days.

    Talk to you tomorrow, take care.


  2. I love watching you horses and foals on your cams. I wish I could have seen the little tyke's first outing, but you described it so well it was almost like being there.

    I have my own little one here now and I watch him constantly to make sure he's okay. They are so cute.

  3. Love photographs and you can tell from those that you are a lover of horses.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate seeing your name there.

  4. What lovely horses. You are so lucky to have them!
    I love watching baby animals. They rush about and then suddenly plop down fast asleep. J

  5. Wow! What an amazing story! I bet you read Black Beauty when you were small?

  6. Will you just LOOK at all I missed this weekend? What a beautiful baby!!! Congratulations to you and Sneaky :)

  7. Aaw, how cute to hear about his first few times out in the world!

  8. Aww yay I'm so glad Andy and Aana's colt are getting to play "together" finally! That must have been so exciting for the both of them! I'm sorry to hear about the little one's bad scours. I will say a prayer for him and I pray that the vet visit in the morning brings good news. :)