Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Breeding Season Decisions for the Small Arabian Horse Breeder Part 3

Part 1

I'm really happy with the way all of my five of my foundation mares have crossed with my stallion, Scandalous Legacy. I'm fortunate to have breed some magnificent Arabian horses. They are smart, talented, beautiful, sound and the best of all willing, people pleasing horses.

I've posted before about the mare I added to my broodmare band last December. I've wanted Bint Gamaay Rose since I saw her as a foal. I was unable to breed her last year because of the time devoted to caring for the Arabian twin foals born on my breeding farm and the issues associated with her being the new mare added to a herd. See the post The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and an Arabian Horse Breeder While this mare hasn't produced a foal for me yet to compare to the others, she is the genetic 3/4 sister to KG Phadra Rose so I do have a good idea of what to expect from this mare.

Since I've made the decision to breed at least one mare for my Arabian Horse business this year, the obvious next step is deciding which one. As badly as I wanted Bint Gamaay Rose because she is one generation closer to the incredible sire Gamaar, she is the obvious first choice.

Things can never be as simple as it first appears. Since we had a hard year financially last year because of the twins, currently all of my broodmares on on my sales list and I have a serious inquiry about this mare. I also have someone interested in leasing the mare for this season.

Being able to have one less mouth to feed for a year while we recover from the financial setback needs to be considered. For me it would be a better alternative than having to sell the mare before I ever got the opportunity to breed her myself. I feel strongly about the cross I expect to be produced by this closer cross to Gamaar with my breeding stallion, Scandalous Legacy. Leasing the mare would give me the opportunity to breed her at a later date. If I sell her, I will always wonder if I did the right thing.

To be continued.......


  1. I got here from Lori's place where I saw Cookies N Cream running through the creek. Now I pop in here and another big smile crossed my face. Wow. This is a fabulous horse. And it certainly knows and shows it. You must be so proud to have animals like these around you. I love dogs but next to them comes horses. I am old now and my last dog died not that long ago and I still miss her. I worked on a ranch once in 1952. Rode different kinds of horses back then and I was also just a kid.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Theme Day portrait is of the "Peashooter" and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Hope you like flying.

  2. Tough decision. I don't think I could sell.

  3. Hi MiKael

    It is a tough decision I agree. I have everything listed for sale too and it is murphy's law that the ones you least want to part with will be the first to go. If you arrange a lease for the mare that would be great. Next year things could be better, let us hope they will.

    I have managed to convince Larry that I will not be breeding this year at all. We are having the older stud gelded in the next few weeks as well as Blaze. We still havent decided what to do with the other two yearling colts. The last one will be Blue but we have a friend's mare in our barn at the moment waiting to breed to him and then afterwards we will decide.

    I have to say I am going to miss all the babies, I adore them.