Sunday, April 15, 2007

What is a Marestarer supposed to do?

Since discovering Mare Stare last year, I've spent more than fair amount of my time staring at foaling mares like the rest of the addicts there. There are so many mares to watch that the first three pages on the Foaling and Alerts segment are all different mares waiting on the big moment. As a 'watcher' it's hard to figure out which ones to keep your eye on and the descriptions dont always help.

Sometimes things get a little slow as far as foalings go even with that huge list of mares. It's the slow times where the real fun begins. There are a few hard cord addicts who can get the giggles over the whole situtation and the posts reflect that.

One such "slow" night the thread What is a Marestarer supposed to do? authored by bndranch was started on the Foalling and Alerts page. he thread pokes fun at the mare owners and our descriptions of the status of our mares. The following is one of the later posts from that thread. If you've ever been frustrated over waiting on a mare to foal, you'll relate and laugh at all of this thread.

Actually, I think the mods don't know where to put this thread either
This will help keep it here:
1. GETTING READY/GETTING CLOSE = Mare is within 3 months of foaling and her belly looks funny
2. DUE = Give or take a month or two
3. BAGGING UP = Swollen between legs, not to be confused with No. 4
4. BAGGED UP = Swollen but noticeable to the naked eye.
5. BACK UP = Oops, that means the server is working again.
6. LOOKING INTERESTING = Mare is eating or laying flat sleeping
7. IN EARLY STAGES OF LABOR = it's hot, she's fat, baby's kicking the tar out of her
8.WAXED = This has a wide variance of "Saw some shavings and thought it was wax, to a small scab of wax, to a big ole honking glob of the stuff hanging down. This is the stage before No. 9 (well, duh, of course)
9. DRIPPING MILK, DRIPPING WHITE MILK (is there another color of milk?), STREAMING MILK If I tug real hard something comes out. Streaming means you only have to tug easy.
10. NOW = could be happening any minute...oops she got back up and started to eat again. Ah, saw her swish her tail...oops it was a fly. OK, I thought it was now. At this point revert back to No. 1 and start over.

And while you're looking, see the newest addition to our farm is live on webcam


  1. LOL do I know this feeling or what!! I have thought about joining Marestare but know I will get addicted and not be able to tear myself away from the computer!


  2. I wanted to answer a few comments you left on my blog so thought this would be a good place to do it. Thanks so much for being so diligent in visiting my blog even though I have been slack from my end, I really appreciate your thoughts, comments and good wishes.

    I love dirty horses because I believe dirty horses are happy horses (and I am talking about dust and mud dirty, not poop and urine dirt), but then again I dont have to show them so can understand that it is not a great idea when you have to get them ready to show LOL.

    I read with horror your two days, one with the farrier and all the horses on day one and then the next day four colts to be gelded in one shot!!! OM Gosh that sounds like a nightmare, although I shouldnt talk really I have four now that need to be done so I will probably find myself in the same position soon.

    I also love the babies, but I am too soft so my forte is raising them until they need to be weaned, then handing them off to someone with more knowledge to train them for their future. Maybe I will have to come and live closer and then you can take stage 2 on for me LOL!!!! As if you dont have enough of your own to deal with.

    I do enjoy Trail I suppose but I have never had a chance to shoot it properly as the two clubs that do Trail that I shoot for have most of these classes indoors and I hate shooting indoors so have never done it. Last summer the Pinto club had their entire show outdoors and I shot some really nice Trail class shots. I sold quite a few. I would love to have a bit more insight into what to look for and what the rider's are looking for in a photo. I have often wondered how my filly would do at Trail but I suppose at the rate I am going I will never find out. Maybe you can write an article one of these days on competing in and photographing Trail classes.

    Thanks again MiKael. I just wish I could get some type of normality back into my life (whatever that may be).