Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Breeder's Choice Colts or Fillies - Arabian Horses

With modern technology being what it is, it is now possible to determine the sex of foal you want by utilizing a process called semen sorting and then artificially inseminating the mare. XY Inc. holds exclusive global rights to the license for sperm sorting by flow cytometry in all mammals. Anytime you see exclusive rights, you can bet it translates to expensive., at least in the beginning.

In the meantime, if you are so inclined as to want to help Mother Nature along in determining what sex your foal might be, there are less expensive ways to do so. While these methods won't guarantee you a foal of the sex your prefer, they can sure help up the odds in your favor.

It's long been know in the breeding labs that the male sperm swim faster than the female sperm. While the male sperm swim faster, the female sperm lives longer. With this information it can be determined the closer you breed to the time of ovulation, the more likely you are to get a colt. Breeding earlier, say a day or two before ovulation, will increase your odds of getting a filly. Obviously this is not an exact science like sperm sorting but I know from first hand experience,it can make an impact on a herd.

In the event that you would like to up those odds, you can change the ph factor of the mare's uterus. There is scientific evidence to suggest that a more acidic climate in the mare's uterus is conducive to settling fillies while a more alkaline climate is more conducive to settling colts. The acidic levels of the mare's uterus can be manipulated by feeding apple cider vinegar for fillies or baking soda for colts.

Specific information on amounts and timing are listed on Tribute Mister then click on the "Just for Fun" and scroll down.


  1. I knew about the male and female sperm thing but not about the other. Food for thought, will file that away for future reference.

    Thanks MiKael