Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Reflections on Twins - Arabian Horses

The beginning of the twins story starts here

While we awaited the biopsy results on the growth we'd removed from the Arabian mare's (horse) nose, the horse was getting antibiotics and having her wound flushed twice a day. The Arabian mare had taken the twins (horses) in stride and all of the care and visitors that had gone along with it. But the mare (horse) was not taking kindly to having her nose messed with anymore. It was obviously very sore and the horse didn't want it touched. Flushing the wound was a tricky operation complicated by the presence of the twins (horses).

It wasn't just about not running over the two small Arabian horses, it was about keeping them out of our hair. Trying to do anything in that stall that didn't involve the twins (Arabian horses) meant you were fair game for their antics. Just because the mare (Arabian horse) was bouncing around the stall trying to avoid treatment wasn't enough to deter the twins (Arabian horses). The two small foals (horses) were bored being cooped up and anything at all that looked like it could be entertaining was top priority on their list.

Normally, I can do almost anything with any of my Arabian horses without a halter. I groom, pick feet, worm and even do some treatments without any restraint. But in this circumstance I needed a halter and help. There was no way the Arabian mare (horse) was going to stand still for getting her wound flushed.That meant two people to do the treatment and two people for the twins (Arabian horses) to pick on.

Untying shoes has always been one of their favorite tricks but they also enjoy biting on clothes, removing things from pockets, pulling hair, sticking their head between your legs or under you arms (the what's ya doing ploy). If you happen to be closer to the ground, sucking on ears is a real delightful treat for the little monsters (Arabian horses). There's nothing they like better than playing with their human friends, whether the friends are in the mood or not. And one thing about the twins (Arabian horses) they are smart, smart, smart. Defensive maneuvers against them are fruitless. Didn't take them long to learn how to tag team to keep things interesting.

You might think that you could avoid two little horses trying to be annoying and just get the task at hand done. But it was definitely one of those situations you had to see to believe. It probably resembled a three ring circus as we tried to keep the mare still enough to flush the wound while the twins attacked us. And attack us they did. Their first plan was to separate us from our target. Trouble pushed between Dave and the mare while Surprise wormed her way in between me and the mare, leaning against me trying to push me over. Trouble kicked his mom to get her to back up and Dave started laughing, so things went downhill from there. The twins (Arabian horses) have learned that they are cute and laughter eggs them on. What should have taken a couple of minutes ended up taking ten and I was a sweaty mess. Wrestling with the twins (Arabian horses) and Vee (Arabian mare) trying to get her wound flushed while Dave spent most of his time howling in the corner.

It was a long five days treating that wound. Each time I came into the stall, the twins (Arabian horses) had a new plan. They would look at what I was carrying and know the drill. The game was on. I gave up on getting any help from Dave. I got farther by putting the mare up against the wall with her butt in the corner than I had with him holding her. I learned to empty my pockets before coming into the stall, wear footwear without laces and keep all zippers zipped up out of the twins (Arabian horses) reach. The fewer clothes I had on the better because sweating was a given (don't most people sweat when they wrestle?) and the twins really liked playing with my clothes. The more I was wearing, the more the twins (Arabian horses) had to entertain themselves. Anything with buttons could end up button less and the list goes on.

Somehow I did get antibiotics down the mare and keep the wound flushed and medicated as well. The results of the biopsy came back and the growth was non cancerous. When the drain was finally removed from the wound, Vee (horse) must have felt better because the mare soon quit being so sensitive about her nose. But I think the twins (Arabian horses) were probably disappointed, their twice a day play sessions had come to an end.

To be continued..... here

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  1. LOL MiKael I can just envision this whole scene LOL. They can be little devils cant they? Glad her nose was not cancerous and will be intrested to know if it has cleared up now or will be a continuing problem for her.

    Give Trouble and Surprise a great big hug for me and tell them to behave. I hope they are getting on with their respective buddies now and am glad that you eventually got one day to put them out.

    I might get one day tomorrow but rain will be moving in tomorrow evening again with severe thunder storms predicted for Saturday!!

    Aaah the joy of owning horses, or is that maybe the other way around, they own us???? Hmmm some food for thought.