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MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses Welcomes the 4th Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

Welcome to the February 21, 2007 edition of horse lovers blog carnival. This is the third week in February that this carnival has been run and we hope that you've been following along and finding new horse blogs. I had some trouble adapting the code that was supplied to the new blogger format. There are 18 submissions. My subject breaks are wierd and I haven't figured out how to fix them. So be sure and scroll all the way down so you don't miss any blogs. Also, let me know if you're having trouble with any links. I think I got them all fixed, but just to be safe.

This week's theme is

All Things Equine

and I think you'll find at least one distant relative of the horse featured here as well as some other fun,thought provoking, and interesting articles. If you like what you see, be sure to spread the word to your friends and fellow bloggers. We'd like to see the horse blogging community continue to grow.

Sierra Lynch presents When You Love Horses And Love Your Mate, What Kind Of Wedding Do You Have? posted at Horse IQ saying, "Valentine's Day Horse Love: Getting married on horseback!" Pictures and story on a match made in heaven and joined on horseback.

Kate Lindon presents How Many Ways Can You Say "Wow"? posted at Juli Thorson's Horse Talk A look at the 2007 Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show. Am I jealous, wish I could have been there!

NAOMI presents THE HORSE WHISPERER posted at Diary From England
Naomi from the UK shares about her favorite movie and the influence of its concepts on our equine friend, the horse.

MiKael Caillier presents An Arabian Mare's Tragic Death Due to the Halter Divisions' Dirty Little Secret posted at MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses saying, "A beautiful Arabian mare with an impecible pedigree is lost to the breed forever due to one of the industry's dirty little secrets. The training technique that cost this horse her life is exposed in the hope of saving other horses from her fate." This is a true account revealing a hidden problem in the industry.

Lori Schmidt presents 15 February 2007 posted at ProPhoto By Lori - Photo a Day Check out Lori's great pictures of her horses playing in the snowdrifts.

Defrost Indoors presents
Quagga? Qu'est-ce que c'est? posted at Bridlepath saying, "All about this little-known equine, and modern attempts to revive it." Very interesting reading about a primitive horse relative complete with pictures and the amazing story of how the "experts" hope to recreate this species.

Lynda Polk presents Horse-eating trees posted at Hoofbeats saying, "Horses often have a different perspective on ordinary things." Isn't that the truth! A fun look at the horsey side of life in the horse's mind and haven't we all been there...

MiKael Caillier presents Harvey Jacobs and Arabian Horses posted at MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses saying, "An old cowboy raised on a working ranch with old cowboy ways has found his own path to teaching horses in a caring and trusting manner. One of the most outstanding horsemen I've met in my life, Harvey has helped change forever the way I deal with my horses. While Harvey wouldn't call himself a horse whisperer and laughs at the term, if anyone understands these beautiful creatures, it's Harvey." This is a detailed account of how Harvey worked with a young stallion in a round pen with a band of mares in heat right outside with their tails over their backs talking to the colt. Did Harvey get the stud's undivided attention? You bet he did and it was simple and painless for the horse.

Lynda Polk presents Hoofbeats: Horse-speak posted at Hoofbeats saying, "The language of horses is a language that we all know." Lynda's account of the real language of horses versues what some humans think it should be. An interesting read for anyone who truly wants to understand a horse.

Julia presents A Chicken on a Pony posted at Mood Swings in Med School saying, "My blog is mainly about my life in medical school (I'm in my first year), but I work and ride at a hunter/jumper barn on the weekends, so I have some horse related posts. This is a post about riding again after a fall." If you've ever hit the dirt, you can relate to this. A humorous look at life after the fall

Mona presents My Neighbors Must Think I am Crazy
posted at Horse Blog
Boy! Can I relate to this one. This is exactly how I feel when I'm trying some new method of natural horsemanship I've learned.

Janey Loree presents Lucky's Rainy Day Training... posted at Mustang 'n' Cowboys A look at life when you're not only trying to train horses but you're dealing with the elements too.

Marianne Love presents Slight Detour: Spring and the manure pile of Love posted at Slight Detour When I found this post, it just tickled my funny bone. Maybe because we all have to deal with it in one way or another, but Marianne takes a great light-hearted look at her manure pile.

Sierra Lynch presents It Is Normal For A Lion To Do This. But If A Horse Does It, He May Require Surgery.
posted at Horse IQ saying, "What "roaring" is and how to determine if your horse needs surgery to correct it." As usual, this is an informative post from Horse IQ about the condition known as roaring. I always appreciate this blog's concise helpful explanations that a layman like me can understand.

MiKael Caillier presents New Thinking about Clubfeet in Arabian Horses posted at
MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses saying, "Many think that the clubfoot in horses is a genetic condition but new evidence suggest that it may also be the result of injury to the horse. If caught and treated early, the condition maybe reversed." An interesting challenge to the accepted norms about the clubfoot. If you're interested in alternative treatments and choices for your horse, this is an informative read.

That concludes this edition. I hope you've enjoyed the articles listed here. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
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  1. I was sorry to not have time to post something for the carnival this week, but I wrote a little snippet on my blog this morning concerning what things are equine.

    There is already one submission for next week. This thing is really growing!!!!

    Well, I better go get that cup of coffee that Mona recommended and come back to enjoy todays carnival.

    Thanks, Rising Rainbow!

  2. MiKael, thanks so much for posting something of mine, I got your message too late and was just so sidetracked. I havent looked through the articles yet but will over the next day or two, still very busy catching up and we have heavy rains expected day after tomorrow so desperately trying to finish before that hits. Great turnout for this carnival though I am looking forward to reading them all.

    Keep well, hope your hand has healed 100% now and I still promise I will reply to that e-mail, I haven't forgotten LOL.


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