Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Fire - In Lindsay's Words Part 2

Part 1

Upon seeing the smoke and flames in the mudroom, Lindsay immediately put her blanket over her head covering her face. Then she grabbed the dogs' leashes and hooked Sugar up but Delilah had other ideas. She was frightened by the smoke and the blaring smoke alarm so she retreated to the very back of her crate. Lindsay actually had to crawl into the crate and pull Delilah out.

Lindsay is not 100 pounds soaking wet and I'm pretty sure that Delilah is at least 65 pounds if not more. How petite little Lindsay managed to drag a frightened Delilah out is beyond me but she did. Thankfully once the Siberian Husky was no longer in what she believed to be a safe place, she began listening to Lindsay and there were no more issues with obedience as the three exited the burning house.

Once outside, Lindsay stopped on the front sidewalk to make the call to 911. Before she could even dial those three numbers, smoke enveloped her so she began to run, not stopping until she hit the front gate. There she only stopped long enough to throw the gates open continuing on to the street before trying again to make her call.

 She dialed 911 as we had practiced but our practicing had been flawed. We had not taken into account the extensive hearing loss that has happened over the past few years. Lindsay normally only uses her phone to text because she can't hear well enough to talk with anyone. Now she was on the phone with 911 only hearing well enough to distinguish they were talking to her but she could tell what it was they were saying.

By this time curious drivers were stopping on the road to watch the burning mobile home. Unable to distinguish what the 911 operator was saying Lindsay walked up to a driver who had his window down telling him, "My house is on fire. I have 911 on the phone but I am partially deaf...."

To be continued............

Some folks have asked if we have a donation account aside from this one at go fund me  The answer to that question is "Yes." There is a savings account at Chase Bank, South Hill Fred Meyer Branch. Those who would rather donate through it, can do so by requesting the David Caillier rebuildingourhome account. The advantage of that account is they don't take out fees like Go
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  1. How brave when she must have been so scared...

  2. Well done Lindsay! such grace in the face of disaster! Again so glad she had the presence of mind to get herself out and safe as well as the dogs and to get help with the call.

  3. Lindsay did a great job! I can only see Part 1.