Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life's Moving Along...............

If you've noticed the time of this post, you know I'm up in the middle of the night instead of sleeping. Not that it's ever a good thing to not be able to sleep, but it's even worse when I'm supposed to rise at 5:30 so I can head to the Daffodil All Arabian Summer Horse Show.

I didn't get home from the fairgrounds until somewhere around 10 and I only stayed up long enough to unwind from the drive home. Something woke me around 2:30 and my brain hasn't stopped sense. Issues from the darn lawsuit are rolling around in my head in between those thoughts about my dear sweet Solidare.

It's easiest if I just don't go to the barn. If I don't have to see she's not there, my denial can kick in and it's just another day as usual. Funny how Mother Nature protects us in that way. Right now, I'm really glad I have some form of denial. I can get buried in the legal work and forget.

I can tell I'm off my game. I'm moved in at the horse show and supposed to show in the early morning session. My horse did get bathed but the only thing clipped is his ears. He did get schooled......but only briefly. Considering he hasn't been schooled this whole week, Legs was awesome. Considering we're supposed to show in the morning...........not so much.

Last week I began riding Legs in the bridle again. Have been schooling only in the snaffle most times. As usual when I put the bridle on the horse ran into a wall. It gets better each time but still even yesterday every little excuse to stop and the horse does. I hate how insecure he gets in that bridle.

Just goes to show how much damage one trainer can do in a very short time. It was eight years ago that trainer had Legs and he only rode him in the bridle for about three weeks and we're still dealing with it.

I didn't make it to the office before it close. That means my horse isn't even entered yet. Hopefully the office staff will be understanding about my late entry.

I'm stabled with a whole group of my friends. One of them got really bad news about their horse this week and is facing the same kind of decision I had to make with Solidare. Another lost her very special mare just a few months ago. There's some comfort in that as we tip toe around together trying to act normal when normal is the last thing we feel.

It's a good group. Most have similar values about how to treat horses and how to train them. I'm really glad I have them to hang with. I think it will be a good distraction.

I'm going to show Legs in the open western.........well, that is, if the office will accept my last minute entry. It's class number 19. I'm planning on being at the fairgrounds at 6 so I can school Legs since we didn't work on the hand gallop yesterday.

We did lots of galloping at the C-Fair Charity Horse Show trying to work through those issues in the bridle. Legs loves to gallop so that always helps build his confidence once I can convince him it's ok to even move through the bridle. But when I say "gallop" that's exactly what I mean. We GALLOPED! no silly little hand gallop. Legs will need the opportunity to know I'm now asking for the scaled down version for his class. It's a good thing he's such a bright horse. I sure do test him sometimes.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Fingers crossed for a stellar day for you and Legs.

    Think of you often down here, hoping and praying that things will just settle the heck down for you.

  2. Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine when you both get going.

  3. It can take a very long time for horses to get past the past, so to speak. For us consistency has been key, but the road is still and long and winding one. Best of luck at your show...go win one for "the good guys" :o)

  4. I would love to get on a horse and go galloping sometime this year. Even a nice little walk would be nice, and put a smile on my face. I miss riding so bad.. I haven't been on a horse since last November, and it's really been killing me. I would LOVE to go trail riding! And have Marty trail riding with me too. Anyone in the Seattle/Snohomish area, that could lend a couple horses, that would be up to having fellow horse lovers come ride with them? Let me know!

  5. Good luck at the show. I hope it all works out well for you and Legs.

  6. Good luck at the show. That's wonderful that you have a great group to stable with. I find myself really wishing for some Arabian friends here in Quarter Horse land. It's nice that you have such an active club there. Hopefully it will all help keep your mind off the bad stuff. Legs is such a superstar, I'm sure he'll look after you.

  7. So sorry to here about Solidare, she was a beautiful mare. And hope your class went wonderful this morning.

  8. Gook luck! You are so lucky to have that support group of people around you. Maybe you'll be able to help each other through these sad times.

  9. one of my showring pet peeves is when there is no noticeable difference between the canter and the hand-gallop. sounds like legs is gonna show 'em how it should be!