Friday, May 25, 2007

Beware the Side Effects of Mare Stare…

by twosuperstudponies

1. BLURRED VISION – occurs when you ZOOM IN on the mare’s “hoo ha” because you think you saw “something”
2. TINGLING – occurs when you’ve been sitting for so long watching mares that you legs fell asleep.
3. ITCHING – occurs when your legs start to wake up!
4. OOZING – occurs to your brain after many nights of Mare Staring til the wee hours of the morning
5. TROUBLE SLEEPING - occurs when you stay awake all night because “your mare” just rubbed her butt and laid down.
6. DRY EYES – occurs when you stop blinking during a foaling because you don’t want to miss anything.
7. SHORTNESS OF BREATH – occurs when you have to pee so bad if you breathe you'll wet your pants! You can't go now she just laid down!
8. WATERY EYES – occurs when you cry because you lost your internet connection.
9. LOOSE STOOLS – occurs when the mare is in early labor. This is one of the more appealing side effects. (GO FIGURE?)
10. LOSS OF BLADDER CONTROL – occurs after 2 hours of holding your breath!
11. NIGHT MARES – occurs while watching mares at night! (DUH!)
12. DEPRESSION – occurs when your husband won't let you take your laptop to the movies with you!
13. DROOLING - occurs when you fall asleep on your keyboard because the spacebar keeps you lips open.
14. ANXIETY – occurs when your mare has been on “LOW ALERT” for more than 2 weeks!
15. ARTHRITIS OF THE FOREFINGER – occurs after scrolling through page after page of several threads on a single mare searching for updates from her owner.
16. (The most common among Mare Starers) ADDICTION – occurs after you've watched a mare for 3 weeks straight and she foals while you're gone! It makes you even more determined to keep watching so you don't miss the next one! *Suerte like gambling!!
* ("Suerte" means SORT in spanish! I know cause I googled it!!)

Some of you may have already experienced one or more of these side effects in which case you may already be addicted. Your only treatment is to “feed the need” and keep on starin’.

I found this on a thread on Mare Stare (where else??) and couldn't resist sharing. This is only the first post for thread and it's follow-ups

You can see some of her previous foals on our website, Rising Rainbow Arabians .


  1. I gotta check out Mare Stare...these symptoms are similar to my "addiction" to Dreamhorse when I was horse shopping:-)

  2. LOL one of the reasons I havent got too involved ... I wouldnt be able to get off of it.